MSPO 2019 — 3–6 September 2019

On 3–6 September 2019, the XXVII International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO 2019 took place in the halls of Targi Kielce. As usual, you could see many different devices at our stand, including several new products.

We showed, among others, thermal sight UCT-1 family, recognized by foreign buyers, classical mortar sight MPM-44/04, miniature thermal modules and cameras KTL and KTX and daylight-thermal camera KTD-60 Kumak with videoserver for streaming images via Ethernet. There were also compact thermal monoculars TEYE-2, which had their own premiere at EUROPOLTECH 2019 fairs. It could not miss the optoelectronic heads and systems: observational head KOT-1 with dedicated monitor and manipulator and far-sight observational head GOSK, that is equipped with cooled thermal camera with eight-times varifocal lens, high-resolution daylight camera and laser rangefinder, that has possibility of measurement up to 40 kilometers.

For the first time, the thermal binoculars LTD-2 was presented. It allows for comfortable observation, as well as taking, storing and sending photos through WiFi. The other new product was KDT-N1 sight, that is intended to work with remote controlled weapon modules for lightweight armoured vehicles. It consists of daylight and thermal cameras, dedicated monitor with advanced functions, like overlaying images from different cameras, and manipulator for driving weapon module.

We invite you to download our new folder, which will bring you closer to our offer:

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