MSPO 2021 expo—September 7–10, 2021

On September 7-10, 2021, we took part in the XXIX edition of the International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO at Targi Kielce.

At our stand, we presented, among others ZIG-T-2 optoelectronic head, which is an element of the targeting system in the M120 RAK self-propelled mortar, ZIG-T-2R optoelectronic head used on modified BWR-1S and BWR-D reconnaissance vehicles, UCT series thermal sights and MPM-44/04 mortar sights.

In Kielce, for the first time, we presented the ZIG-T-1Ch optoelectronic head equipped with a laser rangefinder, and a cooled thermal and TV camera. The head has high performance with relatively small dimensions. The size of the warhead is typical for warheads used in remotely controlled machine gun turrets, while the rangefinder measurement ranges and view ranges reach parameters typical for tank sights or anti-tank guided missiles with extended operating range.

Another novelty was a thermal imaging camera built of a miniature cooled Lynred Galatea detector operating in the MWIR band. Due to the reduced dimensions, weight and power consumption, cameras of this type are ideally suited for use in mobile devices and e.g. drones. At the fair, we also showed KTL thermal imaging cameras and a KTX thermal imaging camera with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels.

Another premiere was the Mizar daylight-thermal sight. In one device, we combined a classic day sight with a thermal sight. Switching between operating modes takes place quickly and efficiently by turning the side lever, without the need to restart the thermal path. The sight can work with small arms, including anti-tank grenade launchers. In order to extend the possibilities, the sight was equipped with a collimator footprint.

Artur Laskowski