Military Technology Issue 09/2017 – “MSPO Focus – Jewels in the Crown Series”

“How global competition and threats to regional defence bring innovation: In terms of “global competition”, this opens new markets worldwide for Etronika, forcing all competing manufacturers to innovate and produce at the best quality and value levels as they can. Etronika is also subject to these mechanisms; but, we see global competition as our ally. The latest technologies, which were previously limited, are now more accessible, making our products – such as the UCT-1 Universal Thermal Target Family – very competitive on a global scale.

Competitors for foreign tenders also serve as inspiration for us, mobilising Etronika to push our quality, technology and value boundaries.

On the other hand, in terms of “regional threats”, we must anticipate the possibility of increasing the scale of production in a very short time. This factor means that our technicians are forced to look for innovative production methods that can do this. While global competition is forcing innovations first and foremost in modernity, threats threaten to seek innovation primarily in ways to increase production. – Krzysztof Suder, President of Etronika”

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