RAPORT MSPO 4/2018, New products from Etronika

Etronika presents several new products in Kielce, including the MCT-1 sight, as well as the GOSK long-range optoelectronic head.

One of the known devices is the UCT-1 (universal thermal sight). The sight provides observation during the day and at night, also in conditions of visibility limited by fog or smoke. Etronika produces whole family of those sights with different optical magnification (1.2, 2.1 and 3.4×) and field of view (17, 10.3 and 6.2°). Basic version UCT-1S is intended for short-range observations, UCT-1M for middle-range and UCT-1L for long-range. Each version has uncooled microbolometric detector with resolution of 640×480 pixels, as well as athermalized lens. UCT-1 sights are working in wide range of temperatures, from −30 to +50°C.

In turn, the UCT-1AM is a universal optoelectronic device, that may work as a thermal adapter or sight. In adapter mode device (with 1× magnification) is used in the cooperation with classical sight. In sight mode UCT-1AM works as a independent thermal module with 1.8× magnification.

The newest MCT-1 sight is based on UCT-1. It’s destined for civilian people, mainly hunters. Current laws allow for hunting with use of the night-vision sight or thermal sight.

Thermal sight for hunters is simplified version of the military one. It uses from different reticles, like 4 A or Mil-dot, without any ballistic functions. It’s possible to change type and colour palette of the image with upper knob. The mounting system is designed to use with Weaver/Picatinny universal rail. The sight can be mounted on virtually each ball weapon. The MCT-1 has 10.7° field of view and 2× magnification.

The device is powered from four AA batteries placed in removable holder. It allows for instant and easy replace the energy sources. An operating time for one set of batteries reaches 8 hours. The mass of both sights is about 700 g. The dimensions of the device are smaller than those of the competition and this is a really important advantage. The hunters don’t want to carry a huge thermal or night-vision sights, because they significantly increase the weapon mass. The price of MCT-1 sight is around 18 thousand PLN. The producer assures two-year guarantee for all components.

Very interesting product from Etronika is a long-range optoelectronic head GOSK. It is equipped with laser rangefinder with effective range of 20 km and thermal camera, that works in MWIR band and based on Daphnis high-resolution detectors (1024×768 pixels with 10 µm pixel size) from French-based company Sofradir. The parameters of the thermal cameras or rangefinders may be adjusted to the individual requirements.

Source: Raport MSPO 4/2018


Artur Laskowski