MCT-1 - Hunting thermal sight

Hunting sight MCT-1 is a thermal aiming device which was designed and made based on similar, reserved for military purposes, UCT-1 thermal sight. Thermovision allows for observation surroundings in infrared which is emitted by every object with temperature above absolute zero. That means an image is clear and legible regardless atmospheric conditions: during the day, at night and in harsh environment like fog and smoke. Against the nightseeing and near infrared technology, MCT-1 does not require illuminator to proper work.

Device is equipped with a standard PAL video output function that makes it possible to connect external video display or to record thermal images. External control panel allows to change reticle patterns, image settings and zeroing. The quick-release mount fits on Picatinny (STD-MIL-1913) weapon rail.

Device is powered by four batteries or rechargeable batteries AA, placed in exchangeable container which allows for quick and easy battery replace, especially in situations requiring quick reaction.

Device typeMCT-1
Optical parameters
Field of view10.7°
Digital zoom2× and 4×
Typeuncooled bolometric FPA
Resolution384×288 px
Pixel size17 μm
Spectral response8 to 12 μm
SensitivityNEDT <50 mK
Typecolour OLED matrix
Resolution800×600 px
Auxiliary video outputanalogue PAL
Type4 AA batteries (NiMH, lithium, alkaline)
Operation timemore than 8 h (NiMH batteries, 2700mAh)
Physical parameters
Weight (w/o batteries)0.7 kg / 1.6 lbs
Operating temperature range-30 ºC to 50 ºC