KTL - Thermal modules

General purpose thermal imaging module KTL is designed for observation during the day as well as at night, also in harsh environment like fog and smoke. Device is based on uncooled microbolometric detector. Module can be equipped with various field of view from wide range athermalised lens. Optionally the module can be equipped with a shutter unit. Image is transmitted to display or recorder via analogue PAL video signal or digital. The thermal module KTL may be used in surveillance and perimeter security, SAR actions, unmanned aerial vehicles, process or equipment monitoring. As an option module may have function indicating the object or area which temperaturę is in defined range by image colouring. The KTL is an optimal solution where high image quality, small dimensions and lightweight are required.

Device typeKTL
Field of view (horizontal)10º, 17º, 24º, 32º, 60º, 90º or other
Typeuncooled bolometric FPA
Resolution640×480 px
Pixel size17 μm
Spectral response8 to 12 μm
SensitivityNEDT <50 mK
Image parameters
Digital zoom2× and 4×
Polaritywhite hot, black hot
Colour schemeB&W, Fire, Green, Colour, Red Hot
CalibrationNUC, BPR
Video and communication
Control interfaceRS-485
Analogue video outputPAL
Digital video outputBT.656, SD-SDI or MIPI CSI-2 (2 lanes)
Voltage supply5 to 12 VDC
Power consumptionless than 1.5 W
Physical parameters
Operating temperature range-30 ºC to 50 ºC
Dimensions*36×36×44 mm
Weight*45 g / 1.6 oz

* lens and shutter not included