Cooled thermal cameras

For customer’s request we are manufacturing cooled thermal cameras. They are based on special cooled detectors and work at MWIR band: 3.7–4.8  µm. These detectors have miniature Stirling cryocooler that cools down the detector matrix to approx. 90 K (-183 °C/-297 °F). That allows to significantly reduce detector’s noise and increase sensitivity—below 20 mK. Resolution of the detector can be 640×512 pixels, when pixel’s size is 15 µm, or 1024×768 pixels and 10 µm pixel’s size. Cameras are equipped with our origin optical systems, mainly with continuous zoom, like 10× zoom with field of view from 2° to 20°. Video signal can be provided as digital SDI, Gigabit Ethernet or analogue PAL. Typical power supply voltage equals 24 V and power consumption is less than 36 W.

Cooled thermal cameras can work as an individual devices or as a module in optoelectronic heads on observation or fire control systems.


DISTANCE: 5300 m

DISTANCE: 2200 m


DISTANCE: 1200 m


DISTANCE: 5300 m