French Department of Defence, MSPO 2018

Thermal sights UCT-1S and UCT-1AM (Etronika – Poland)
The Polish company Etronika presented several new optical devices including UCT-1S and UCT-1AM. Choice of optical parameters is based on the selected weapon and especially the length of the Picatinny rail.
The UCT-1AM sight with 1× magnification is a thermal adapter, that is mounted on the Picatinny rail in front of the daylight scope. This version, based on uncooled detector, allows to detection a man at 1800 m and a tank at 4 km.
The UCT-1S is used as a standalone sight and is mounted on the Picatinny rail. It has 1.2× optical magnification and 17° field of view. Thanks to that it is possible to detect human at 1000 m and a tank at 2300 m.
Both sights have additionally 2× i 4× digital zoom. Four AA batteries provide operating time of 8 hours.

Źródło: Ministère des Armées


Artur Laskowski