MC-60 / MC-64 - Mortar optical sights

Mortar optical sights MC are intended to lay mortars during direct fire and from covert positions. There are two levels for levelling the sight and an elevation level for the mortar barrel. For operation under low visibility conditions (in dusk or night) device is equipped in illumination system of cross reticle, laying mechanism scales and levels. Set contains also two flashlights intended to identify the kind of shell and to read maps. Supplied with 6400 mils graduation or 6000 mils scale graduation. The MC can be used in place of MPM-44 sight, compared with it is equipped in additional level in front.

Device typeMC60 (MPM-44/04)MC-64
Optical parameters
Field of view
Exit pupil distance20 mm
Angular ranges
Angle of aim in horizontal plane60-00 (360º)6400 mils (360º)
Angle of aim in vertical plane2-50 to 10-00 (45º to 90º)250 to 1100 mils (45º to
Inclination angle±20º
Typelithium battery 3.6 V or any AA battery
Physical parameters
Dimensions170×100×100 mm / 6.7×3.9×3.9 in
Weight (w/o battery)1 kg / 2.2 lb