MSPO 2020 expo—September 8–10, 2020

This year’s, twenty-eighth edition of the Kielce MSPO fair was held in the shadow of the pandemic. As the result, the fair lasted only three days and the number of exhibitors and guests was much lower than in previous years. Nevertheless, we could not miss it.

We showed many new products, for example ultra wide-angle optoelectronic observation head KTD-60.3 Argos. It contains thee pairs of daylight and thermal cameras, with total horizontal field-of-view angle of 180°. Separate output video signals for each camera allow to further video processing, panoramic view etc. We also presented dedicated monitor for KTD-60 Kumak optoelectronic head. The monitor allows to display images for both cameras simultaneously, as well as control main features of the cameras. Another new product was a modification of well-known mortar sight MPM-44/04 (MC-60/64). We equipped it with additional barrel with scale that makes easier to set proper elevation angle of the tube for different missiles at specific distances. There was also Naos-1, designed for RPG launchers, artillery protractor with scale and universal mounting for optical and thermal sights.

There were also our older products: integrated optoelectonic heads ZIG-T-1M and ZIG-T-2, designed for observation and aiming; optoelectronic observation-aiming head KDT-N1 with dedicated monitor, manipulator and smoke grenade arming-firing control unit, all designed for remote controlled weapon modules for lightweight armoured vehicles; optoelectronic heads dedicated for omnidirectional observation: KOT-1 and Gi-2; thermal cameras and modules KTL and KTX; thermal monoculars TEYE-2, and family of thermal sights, dedicated for army and other uniformed services: UCT-1, and targeted at a wider audience: MCT-1.

We are pleased to thank our Guests for visiting our stand despite any inconvenience. We hope that next year’s fair will be held in more favorable circumstances. See you next year!

Artur Laskowski